Cedarwood obsessed: Over 5 ways to use it

Want to know a not-so-secret secret (at least not anymore)?  Cedarwood essential oil can help us get lustrous-looking hair like a sea goddess, a luxurious shave with a divine fragrancel, an even-looking skin tone, deliciously soft skin, and the dreamiest bedtime routine (my favorite)! It's the ultimate addition to any diffuser blend, hair treatment, or DIY skin recipe? 

     Treat your tresses

You have to wear your hair every day, so let Cedarwood make it your best-looking feature! Warm a few drops of this essential oil for hair on your palms and fingers and gently rub it into your scalp for healthy-looking hair. It also works as a great substitute when your day is too crazy to wash your hair. Just follow this recipe for an at-home dry shampoo that will have strangers stopping you on the street asking about your gorgeous-looking hair!

Drift to dreamland

Fill your bedroom with the cozy, warm aroma of Cedarwood oil just as the sun is setting; it will give your bedroom the perfect aroma to snuggle under the covers. Use one of our diffusers that that have a candle flicker mode (see my Desert Mist Diffuser blog), unwind with a book, and sneak away into dreams of warm beaches and rocking ships on fantastical adventures.

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 Sweet Dreams Blend

5 drops Cedarwood essential oil
4 drops Lavender essential oil
1 drop Vetiver essential oil

Soften the appearance of your skin

Here’s another tip for how to use Cedarwood essential oil: Add it to your nightly body lotion, daily face moisturizer, and weekly face mask. Cedarwood has skin-cleansing properties, helps maintain the appearance of youthful skin, and moisturizes and conditions. Make a DIY lotion bar and add Cedarwood for a delicious aroma and smooth skin.

Sweeten your surroundings

Cedarwood oil has the most calm and complementary scent. It softens and warms most essential oils that it blends with, so you can add it to citrus notes, floral accents, or earthy tones and come out with enviable blends. You can create a DIY perfume with a Cedarwood base note to keep its warm and sweet aroma with you always. But it isn’t just there to smell pretty. Cedarwood works to deodorize the air around you and invites a relaxing environment that makes everyone feel at home.

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Conquer your campground

You mean there are even more Cedarwood essential oil benefits besides looking and smelling fantastic? That’s right! Add a couple drops to a DIY outdoor spray with essential oils such as Citronella, Rosemary, Tea Tree, Clove, or Lemongrass, so you can enjoy the outdoors annoyance-free.

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